The Natural History Museum of the Civic Community of Bern, with its unique diorama show, is one of the three most
important natural history museums in Switzerland. It designs and maintains the Swiss Museum of Wildlife and Hunting.

Natural History Museum of the Civic Community of Bern -

Museums of the Bern Region -

Association of Museums of Switzerland VMS -

Swiss Rifle Museum, Bern-

Gotthelf Zentrum Emmental, Lützelflüh -

Stelvio National Park, Italy, house aquaprad -

German Hunting and Fishing Museum, Munich -

Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris -

Château de Gien - Musée international de la chasse -

Hunting Museum Stainz Castle, Austria -

Museo della Caccia e Pesca, Racines South Tyrol -


Special Exhibitions

Visions of the Wild. Florian Schulz Photography -

Swiss Cynology Society -

Arbeitsgemeinschaft für das Jagdhundewesen -

Swiss Club for Running Hounds -

WIN Wieselnetz, Promotion of small carnivores -



Hunting and Nature. The Swiss Hunting Magazine (in German) -
Chasse et Nature Magazine (in French) -

Association of Swiss Hunters -,,

Schweizer Jäger, Monthly Magazine for the Hunter (in German) -

Swiss Association of Falconry SFV -

Conference of Hunting and Fishery Managers -



Federal Office for the Environnement FOEN, Berne -

Office of Agriculture and Nature of the Canton of Bern -

Wildlife and COnservation Biology, Ecology and Biodiversity -

Carnivore Ecology and Wildlife Management in Switzerland -


Community and Region

Community of Utzenstorf -

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Tourism Region of the Emmental -

Wilflife Station Landshut Foundation -

Cycling in Switzerland -

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