«Es geht die Mär vom wilden Bär…» Reading and Music at Season's End

Finissage of this year's special exhibition "Grimms Tierleben" and reading of wild animal fairy tales with music.

With Jule Dermon, Chindren's Bookshop Berne, Anna Hofer, Maya Wüthrich, Swiss Hunting Library, Andreas Ryser, conservator Swiss Museum of Wildlife and Hunting, and others.

Reading in German.

After the reading, a selection of fairytale books can be purchased at the book table of the Chinderbuechlade Bern.

At the castle, entry Fr. 7.- / 6.- / 1.-

With our thanks to

Bernhard AG, Utzenstorf. www.bernhard-group.ch

Chinderbuechlade Bern, www.chinderbuechlade.ch

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